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New credit card with no interest or free

Forget percentages. It’s much easier with this credit card. The unpaid balance is increased by only USD 10 for every USD 500 per month.

You probably know how a credit card works. You will pay with it at the store or on the internet, and you will get a discount (here it is 1% of the amount paid). Then there is an interest-free period (here it is 55 days).

If you pay the money spent on time, you will not be charged any interest (this also applies here). However, if you do not pay on time or do not pay the full amount, you will receive a relatively high interest on the rest. Often up to 20 – 25%.

But here it is with interest. Good Credit’s new credit card is much clearer than some complicated percentages.

A new credit card where you don’t have to calculate interest

A new credit card where you don

Forget percentages. It’s much easier with this credit card. If you don’t pay the full amount spent during an interest-free period, then your unpaid balance increases by only $ 10 for every $ 20 per month.

So if you would have to pay USD 499 after an interest-free period, then it costs you nothing. For example, if it’s $ 50, then you’ll increase that unpaid amount by $ 1 per month. With this simple “interest” billing, you easily know how much your unpaid amount costs.

Free credit card, no fees

In addition, this credit card gives you the option to have it completely free. There is no charge for issuing a card. Normally a monthly fee of USD 50 is charged for card maintenance. However, if you pay at least $ 100 with your card each month, you will not be charged for it and will be completely free.

What are the benefits of this new credit card

What are the benefits of this new credit card

With this card, you have the option to have a credit limit of USD 10000 to USD 500000. The card is contactless and you can also have a contactless sticker. In addition, it is possible to issue up to 4 additional cards, so one credit line can be used by all members of your family.

The card allows payment in shops or on the Internet. You get a 1% discount on these payments. It is also possible to transfer money from a credit card to any bank account or withdraw money from an ATM or when paying in shops (Cashback).

There is also the possibility of various insurance. The card also includes the E-Money bonus program. Collected E-Money, you can exchange for discounts on a variety of goods, or have some goods and services completely free.

What are the conditions for obtaining this credit card?

What are the conditions for obtaining this credit card?

You should be a Czech citizen, resident here and should be at least 18 years old. Also a minimum income of at least 8000 USD is required.

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